Banks & Finance - Due Diligence for Business Loans


Pre-Lending Search of Prospective Borrowers


aVeriFact, LLC provides investigation options to perform Pre-Lending due diligence on potential borrowers to ensure that the potential borrower is financially stable, ethically sound and has a strong corporate culture. Our investigations are non-biased and provide the facts necessary to mitigate potential risk on deals.

A successful deal depends upon your knowledge of the guarantors, owners, key players and companies involved in the deal.  aVeriFact, LLC provides you with the resources and know-how to properly vet each subject and craft a deal that works best for your company.

aVeriFact's investigation process begins where standard database services end theirs.  We utilize database findings to map out our investigation and then allocate resources to maximize our findings.  This enables us to provide you with a current, comprehensive picture of the subject, their assets, liabilities and associated risk factors.  We provide search options for individuals and/or companies, single/multi/nationwide jurisdictions, 5/10/20 years in scope, for both domestic and international subjects.  Turnaround times for direct investigation searches are typically 10-15 business days.

Additionally, we can provide you with database searches (saving you the money on subscriptions):  Credit Reports, UCCs, Basic database, Business Profile/Credit Analysis Multi-database and Criminal Records.  Turnaround times are typically 24-48 business hours for most database only search orders.


Successful loans require quality due diligence search.  aVeriFact makes it easy and accurate!


BSA/AML Search for "Know Your Customer" Requirements & Preliminary Findings

This multi-database report is designed to address BSA/AML compliance and new Beneficial Ownership Customer Due Diligence Rule that took effect May 11, 2018. (It is recommended that your applications include the percent of beneficial ownership of Legal Entity Customers. Information provided can be utilized during the course of a limited or comprehensive investigation; particularly if such ownership is 25%+ direct/indirect ownership of the

equity interests of a legal entity.)  

Another option for early evaluations of a prospective borrower is a review of our preliminary database findings that would typically be our starting point for mapping out a "deep dive" public record source investigation. 


Many of our clients have found both of these options useful to review before dedicating a significant amount of time and resources into previously unknown prospective borrowers.

Business loans require quality due diligence.  aVeriFact provides accurate, complete results to identify potential risk and enable informed decisions to be made early in the process.


Periodic Audit of Existing Borrowers


Pre-Lending due diligence reviews are not only critical when bringing on a new borrower, but to also periodically check and ensure that there have been no material changes in circumstance that could adversely impact the borrower’s ability to meet contractual obligations going forward. 


Recovery/Workout/Judgment Execution


We also provide search options to address Recovery/Litigation situations; such as Asset & Liability searches, to identify potential areas that may impact recovery activity pre- or post-judgment on business loans.  No need to throw good money after bad, right?  We give you the facts to determine whether collections or legal avenues would be beneficial to the recovery effort without having to pay an hourly fee.