Case Studies

 Facts for informed Decisions!  Database Services versus a Combination of Database(s) AND Direct Search of applicable Public Record Sources (Local, State, Federal OR International).

Mitigating risk requires that you identify the potential risk in order to make informed decisions that will best protect the interests of your business.  Whether it's a new relationship, an existing relationship or a relationship that has hit hard times.  

aVeriFact has the resources, experience and knowledge to gather the information, cross reference the findings and provide appropriate context for you to understand and plan how best to mitigate that risk going forward.

Before, During & After engaging in any business relationship, it pays to know who you are dealing with, what their past history/actions illustrate as their "go to" in conducting business and provide you with an effective tool to gauge whether or not it makes sense to move forward as planned, make appropriate adjustments to the terms or to vacate the relationship entirely.

#FactsMatter and #KnowYourSource, as failure to do so can have a high cost that you risk paying when you forego effective due diligence search.  

aVeriFact - Case Study #1 - Failure to Disclose Pertinent International Information (pdf)


aVeriFact - Case Study #2 - Failure to Disclose Litigation (pdf)


aVeriFact - Case Study #3 - Real vs Memorex - Identify Fraud Impacting Recovery (pdf)


aVeriFact - Case Study #4 - Professional Sanctions - Outstanding Fines (pdf)