Why Certify?

Adding Value and Documenting Accomplishments

In order for you to entrust us with your business, we believe it's important for you to understand what we've invested in our business to increase our value to yours!  Transparency in disclosing our qualifications, diversity and certifications that we hold provides you with a better understanding of who we are and why we do what we do best....search out facts to ensure you have information that you need to succeed.  As a certified WBE/WOSB, aVeriFact is listed on the WB Marketplace.  There you will find our "living Capability Statement" for further insight into our company and services.  Simply click on the image to the right and you'll be directed to our listing on the WB Marketplace!

We believe in ongoing education, community involvement and tailoring our private investigation services to best meet your needs and requirements.  We welcome your insight, your questions and your interest as it helps us to further improve the quality of our services and respond to changes in your industry as it arises.

You know your business....we know ours.  Together, we can navigate any business cycle and pave the way for success through proper due diligence investigations.

Find out more about aVeriFact and what we have to offer your business!

View our "Online Brojure" at the WB Marketplace by clicking on the image above!"

Certification Downloads

aVeriFact - Commercial Capability Statement (pdf)


WBE 2019-20 Certificate (pdf)


WOSB 2019-20 Certificate (pdf)


SEBD Certificate 7-31-18 thru 7-31-2028 (pdf)


Hudson Initiative Certificate 7-1-19 thru 7-1-20 (pdf)


CNO Certificate of Recognition (1) (jpg)