aVeriFact, LLC has evolved over our combined 50+ years of experience to meet our client’s

individual needs by fostering a cross-platform of teamwork and flexible solutions. No Contracts. No


We know with Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds and Venture Capital; each deal is unique and comes with its own set of key players and high mix complexities. aVeriFact, LLC has the operational focus to help you ensure capital preservation and growth while generating value with favorable risk returns on investment.

We stand ready to assist in a myriad of ways: aVerifact, LLC is a licensed, full service financial &

background private investigation agency. Our commitment is to provide our clients with the FACTS

through database/Public Record source (Local, County, State and Federal offices) searches, to

limit/mitigate risk-Before, During & After-a decision is made regarding a business relationship with

an individual or company whether domestic or international. We do the legwork, analyze the

findings and report the facts!

Every day private equity firms are dealing in a global economy, leveraging relationships and dealing with a full spectrum of properties. Now more than ever, verified FACTS matter! In the delicate burgeoning startup ecosystem, cultivating and developing a strong management team is vital to success. One wrong move could cost a firm millions, if not billions. Adding the wrong acquisition to an existing portfolio could prove disastrous, if it were discovered they carried unexpected debt or environmental fines. All of these items could have been easily avoided if the proper due diligence had been adhered too at the start, rather than overlooked.

aVeriFact, LLC is here to offer you that risk mitigation and due diligence with no subscription and

no contract.

We aim to earn your business with each search you entrust to us.