Frequently Asked questions


What makes aVeriFact's Services different?

As a licensed private investigation agency, we offer you a wide range of common sense options to obtain information through database and/or direct public record search.  We offer free consulting to ensure that you understand the trade offs between risk, costs and timeframes. And we welcome your questions as it offers an opportunity for us to both learn and understand more in an evolving business environment.  This gives you the information to choose what makes sense and enables you to effectively manage your risk... Before, During or After and business engagement.

Contact us for a free consult or to request information on the search package prices to address information requirements throughout the life cycle of any business relationship.

Orders can be placed via e-mail, FTP, your secure e-mail or via fax.  

Payment options include:  invoice due upon receipt, bank wire or major credit card.

Do I have to select from a item-by-item menu?

No.  We give you the benefit of our private investigation experience in guiding you towards the type and scope of search; that will give you the most bang for your buck, while taking into account your risk tolerance.

Database reports are available for those times you may need some information quickly and at a lower cost.  However, our Combination reports (database plus direct investigation of public record sources) are packaged to include the facets of resources that enable us to verify, update and correct information that would typically be reported to standard database services.  This packaging also incorporates sources that do NOT typically report to standard database services; therefore, we can analyze the findings and provide a summary that is far more accurate than other services provide.  Any questions?  We're available to discuss the findings and answer any questions as they arise. 

We take the guesswork out of what information should be included in the search AND we provide you with a flat cost per search based upon the type and scope of search, whether it's on an individual or company entity.  

What do you charge?

Your investment depends upon the type and scope of search you choose.  We ask that you consult with us on what you are trying to accomplish, turnaround time and budget.  We then offer you a range of private investigation options to meet those requirements and provide you with a quote for the selected search to best identify risk or answer specific questions.  

Our pricing is always disclosed upfront and are not dependent upon a "menu of items" to be selected independently.  

Our quotes are flat rates depending upon the type, scope and turnaround target timeframe.  We do not charge hourly or by item.  Furthermore, should we discover information during the course of our investigation that is outside the scope, we offer you an option to expand the scope of the search and advise you of the cost to do so.  Should you choose not to expand the scope of the search, we will special note our findings on the report for future reference.  

What geographical areas do you cover?

We offer searches Domestic US and International in scope.  Our investigations typically combine Local, State, Nationwide or International areas of search.  

The scope of the search will impact the turnaround times and the investment you choose for your order.  Details are discussed at the time of the order and we provide you with our recommendation for what combination of search would best meet your need and budget.  

Do you require a subscription, contract or special equipment?

No.  You let us know what you need, when you need it and how you wish to receive it.  We do the rest.  We want to be your resource for whenever you have a need for information and we recognize that your needs can change with each situation you are evaluating.  We believe in earning your business with every search you entrust to us.

What are your thoughts on Cyber Security Compliance?

aVeriFact takes CyberSecurity seriously and undergoes annual cybersecurity compliance audits; both by customers and by vendors.  Our policies and procedures are reviewed annually and our staff undergoes training periodically throughout the year.  Our Firewalls, Antivirus, Malware are deployed under a Defense in Depth mindset, incorporating 365/24/7 monitoring and multi-factor authentication where applicable.  We maintain Cybersecurity Insurance for additional protection.