Background Checks - The Source Makes a difference!


Database Only

Do you currently pay a subscription or have a contract for the convenience of a standard database or credit report service?  Does your actual usage make it a cost effective resource?

You may be surprised to know that aVeriFact offers database findings without the commitment of a subscription or contract.  When you don't have time or budget for a public record search, database background checks offer a simplistic alternative.

Keep in mind:

1)  Database is a low cost, quick turnaround resource.

2)  Reports the information that is reported to that database only.

3)  Information is not verified through other sources.

4)  Search parameters do not let you know IF any sources from that area actually report any data to the database.  Therefore, a "no find" does not mean there is nothing to report, just that there is nothing in THAT database to report!

5) Sources are not typically disclosed nor the timing of updates from their sources.  



Database with Direct Public Record Source Search

aVeriFact brings you the best of both worlds!  We subscribe to a number of database resources; and as a licensed private investigation agency, we are able to qualify for greater access with various database services than most business subscribers have access to.  aVeriFact also undergoes onsite audits as well as compliance audits in order to maintain those relationships due to access to personally identifiable information.  Cyber Security Compliance is required on an annual basis for that same reason.

When you submit a subject for investigation with our team, we start with standard database and then map out other applicable database resources based upon the type, scope and location history of the subject.  Then we proceed to gather information from the appropriate public record source locations in the targeted jurisdictions also based upon the type and scope of the background check ordered.

All public record search findings are then cross referenced with database findings; and then analyzed by our analyst for accuracy and complete reporting of all findings.  These are summarized and reported along with the associated exhibits for your review.  We report the facts, you make the decision that is best for your business!