Do You Really KNOW who you are hiring?  Determine potential risk through Employee Background Checks!

Know Your Applicant through quality background checks

Employee Screening, Executive Background & Audit Investigations


aVeriFact, LLC provides investigation options to perform Employee Screening and Background Checks; as well as  more in-depth Executive Background Investigations, designed to address due diligence on potential new hires to ensure that the potential new hire is financially stable, ethically sound and has a strong corporate culture. Our investigations are non-biased and provide the facts necessary to mitigate potential risk during the hiring process.

A successful hire depends upon your knowledge of the subject’s experience, criminal/civil/litigation history, education/certifications, and employment history; to include typical KYC indicators that could adversely impact the successful placement of the applicant, to meet your requirements.  aVeriFact, LLC provides you with the resources and know-how to properly vet each subject and determine the best candidate for you or your client.

aVeriFact's investigation process begins where standard database services end theirs.  We utilize database findings to map out our investigation and then allocate resources to maximize our findings.  This enables us to provide you with a current, comprehensive picture of the subject, their assets, liabilities and associated risk factors.  We can also provide criminal background checks.  We provide search options on individuals, single/multi/nationwide jurisdictions, 7/10/20 years in scope, for both domestic and international subjects.  Turnaround times for direct investigation searches are typically 10-15 business days.

Additionally, we can provide you with database searches (and save you the money on subscriptions):  Credit Reports, UCCs, Basic database, Business Profile/Credit Analysis Multi-database and Criminal Records.  Turnaround times are typically 24-48 business hours for most database only search orders.

Employee & Executive Background Search due diligence reviews are not only critical when bringing on a new hires, but to also periodically check and ensure that there have been no material changes in circumstance that could adversely impact an existing employee’s ability to meet contractual obligations going forward that could adversely impact decision making or increase potential risk due to temptation.  An ounce of prevention will save you a pound of cure that a trusted employee could cause should they choose to take advantage of their position and your trust in order to find a solution to their own financial problems.  Don't assume...verify! 

Periodic audit reviews should be conducted periodically (1-3 years) to identify changes in: bankruptcy filings, UCC filings, Tax liens, Civil/Criminal filings and credit. Such changes have potential impact on their ability to perform as agreed and could result in an adverse impact or negative exposure to your organization. Relying on self-reported information may be tempting; however, it could prove costly.

A few points of interest:


· A Preliminary Findings report is provided via e-mail within 24-48 hours of placement outlining the initial credit and database findings. These findings are then researched further during the course of the investigation for any updates, corrections as determined by the investigator.

· Pricing is a flat rate, based upon the type of search and scope (single or multi-jurisdiction and 7/10/20 years).

· Copy of the consumer credit report is included at no additional charge, provided a signed consent is provided at the time the order is placed.

· We search aliases and name variations at no additional charge.

Turnaround time is 10-15 business days, unless ordered as a Rush order (7-10 business days). 

Rush orders incur an additional cost of $100.00 per subject.